The Foo Fighters Release Amazon Original EP ‘Live on the Radio 1996’

Courtesy of Brantley Gutierrez/RCA Records.


This year marks the Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary. Although in-person festivities were cut short due to the pandemic, that’s not stopping the band from celebrating their incredible milestone.

Titled Live on the Radio 1996, their new EP consists of acoustic tracks that date all the way back to the band’s debut in the mid-90s. The band began teasing the release of the EP on Twitter yesterday by posting the sessions audio engineer Scott Weiss’ “people of rock and roll” story. In the post, Weiss states “It’s a unique recording and I don’t think Foo fans often get a chance to hear Dave sing like he did that night.” The project is an ongoing initiative and tribute where fans can share personal messages and memories associated with the band.

Today, the band officially released the Amazon Music exclusive that was originally recorded on March 18, 1996. Check out the tracklist below:

  • “How I Miss You” (Amazon Original)
  • “Up In Arms” (Amazon Original)
  • “For All The Cows” (Amazon Original)
  • “Wattershed” (Amazon Original)

The EP is available for purchase on Amazon Music now.


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