Cobi Releases New Single “You’re Mine”

Courtesy of Manitou River Records


Since the start of 2020, singer/songwriter Cobi has been steadily releasing new songs to help keep us sane in an otherwise insane year. Each song has been a relevant and relatable tune, varying from heavier and more emotional songs to more hopeful ones. His latest single, “You’re Mine,” was released today, and it fits right in with the rest of his repertoire.

“You’re Mine” takes listeners on a journey as Cobi sings about meeting someone and trying to hold on to her, despite some of his struggles. He sets a vivid scene that helps listeners visualize the song as well as hear it.  Musically, the song gives a more laid-back feeling compared to Cobi’s prior songs. His voice fits neatly over the instrumentals — more laid-back at some parts but rising to powerful crescendos at others that contrast nicely with the background.

Listen to the song below. You can also find it on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.


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