Cast Announced for Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Young Rock’ Series

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Back in January, it was announced that Dwayne Johnson would be working with NBC on an autobiographical series based on his younger years called Young Rock. The first season will be 11 episodes and will show his childhood, time in Hawaii, playing football for Miami University, and pre-WWE wrestling.

Well, we now know some of the cast that will be involved with the show. Playing Johnson at the age of 10 is Adrian Groulx (The Adventures of Napkin Man!), age 15 is Bradley Constant (Following Phil), and for ages 18-20 Uli Latukefu (Alien: Covenant). Portraying his mother is Stacey Leilua (Tatau), his late father will be played by Joseph Lee Anderson (Smoke Break), and his grandmother will be played by Ana Tuisila (Liliu). Johnson took to his Instagram account to post the image announcements.

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#YOUNGROCK This kid @adriangroulx is our anchor and my hero 👊🏾 He’s got the hardest job of ‘em of all playing “little Dewey” – yes, unfortunately that was the nickname my God parents gave me after the weather – as in dewdrops. Jesus. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 At 10yrs old, I was rambunctious as all hell 😈, was already girl crazy 😜 and loved pro wrestling — especially the part when wrestlers would bleed 🩸🥴💀🤣 This kid, Adrian is my hero because I look back at this time in my life so fondly and how I viewed the world thru my 10yr old eyes. I was all these things but at the core I was a sweet little boy and a complicated little cub 🐻 who just needed guidance. Years later here we are and I did alright 🙏🏾👊🏾 This passion project is special and I’m boundless grateful to EVERYONE who is lending their talents, passion, love and mana to bring it to life. Can’t wait for you guys to watch this one! #ComplicatedCub #LittleDewey #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC

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#YOUNGROCK This role is a special one and HIGHLY entertaining. Playing my grandma, Lia Maivia will be the one of a kind, Ana Tuisila. Cool backstory: My grandmother, Lia Maivia was pro wrestling’s first women’s promoter. She HAD TO BE tough as nails in a male dominated, shark infested world of wrestling. She set the bar for tough business practices and also set the bar for how loving a sweet grandma could be to her only grandson – me ☺️ She was also charged by the feds for extortion, eventually deported, became homeless and lost everything in the early 90’s. Crazy life. I was blessed enough to help change that hard time scenario around and get her back on her feet. Her journey was unreal and can’t wait for you guys to watch! #StrongWomen #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC

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