Fans Can Now Own An “In Bob We Trust” Kevin Smith Coin!

Courtesy of The Chivery


Kevin Smith is slowly taking over the world with his in-depth and insightful commentaries. For proof, you just need to listen to one of the many podcasts he is a part of: SModcast with Scott Mosier, Vegan Abattoir with daughter Harley Quinn Smith, Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman, and more.

Well, he now has a coin from The Chivery with his face on it! The very first celebrity coin they made was one of Bill Murray. Smith’s coin has been on sale since August 27, and the website to buy the currency has many of the Smith coins sold out, so if you are interested in owning one, you can get it here, but act quickly!

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Silent Bob is money! Literally, thanks to the fine folks who make our awesome @jayandsilentbob shirts at @thechivery! The first one of these @thechive ever made featured Bill Murray – so I’m sure as shit flattered to be their number 2 choice with this Silent Bob Collectible Coin! When #TheChive initially approached me about coining a phase of my work, I predicted that the coins would sit on shelves. But The Chivery had confidence that Silent Bob would spend. “It’s like a challenge coin,” they said. “It’s gonna be a challenge to sell,” I told them. And you proved me wrong: they’re almost sold out already. If you’re into this kinda currency, click the link is in my bio above! (For mature audiences who like to spend immaturely only!) #KevinSmith #thechive #thechivery #coins #challengecoins

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Congratulations, sir!


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