5 Seconds of Summer Release New Song “Kill My Time”

Courtesy of 5 Seconds of Summer


Has quarantine boredom struck you down? The band 5 Seconds of Summer have taken care of it by releasing their bonus track “Kill My Time” from C A L M Plus1 on streaming services worldwide.

This edition of the album, featuring the bonus song “Kill My Time,” was previously part of a limited campaign run with the Plus1 fund, aiming to provide COVID-19 aid to people — hence the name C A L M Plus1

While fitting cohesively with the rest of the album, “Kill My Time” is a standout song in its own right. As always, Luke Hemming’s vocals are incredible, particularly his falsetto towards the end of the track, but the heavy drum beat throughout really showcases Ashton Irwin’s talent and is easily the highlight of this synth-pop masterpiece.

You can stream their exclusive new track “Kill My Time” on C A L M Plus1 now. 5 seconds of Summer doesn’t want to kill their time with somebody else.

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