POW! Entertainment and Sideshow Develop Stan Lee Collector’s Items

Courtesy of Sideshow


The name Stan Lee has been made nearly synonymous with Marvel Comics with the departed icon’s innumerable contributions to the superhero industry – especially those infamously hilarious movie cameos (“Are you Tony Stank?”). POW! Entertainment and Sideshow have teamed up to bring a part of that legacy into the homes of the masses with their new Stan Lee luxury collectibles.

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The initial line releases are set to feature the Excelsior! Fine Art Print by the artist Ian MacDonald, the Stan Lee Fine Art Lithograph by comic book creator Bill Sienkiewicz, and the Stan Lee Designer Collectible Figure by Gabriel Soars (Unruly Industries™ ).

For more information on these and other upcoming Stan Lee merchandise releases, visit Sideshow’s website to RSVP for notification for the items’ launch.


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