Bill Skarsgård to Star in New Netflix Crime Series ‘Clark’ as Swedish Criminal Clark Olofsson

'Hemlock Grove' 2013. Courtesy of Netflix


Bill Skarsgård, the star of 2017 hit movie It, is set to star in the new Netflix series Clark. The Swedish series is an adaptation of Clark Olofsson’s autobiography Vafan var det som hände? that reflects on his past stunts as a drug trafficker and bank robber that began in the 1960s, as well as his life present day. Skarsgård will play Olofsson in the six-part drama series.

According to Deadline, Skarsgård said, “…Olofsson, for good and bad reasons, is one of Sweden’s most colorful and fascinating individuals.” As far as his portrayal as Olofsson he said, “I accept this challenge with delight mingled with terror and think that with Jonas and Netflix in the back, we can tell a groundbreaking story with a pace and madness we may not have seen on TV before.”

The series is set to be executive produced by Hans Engholm, Jonas Åkerlund, and Skarsgård. Börje Hansson and Patrick Sobieski are also set to produce as part of the Scandinavian Content Group. The series will be written by Fredrik Agetoft, Peter Arrhenius, and Åkerlund.


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