New ‘Prodigal Son’ Short Reveals “A Day in the Life of Martin Whitly”

Image courtesy Fox.


Ever wonder what The Surgeon does all day as he waits for Malcolm to call with his latest case? Wonder no longer, Prodigies! Prodigal Son has released a new webisode called “A Day in the Life of Martin Whitly” featuring Michael Sheen as Martin. The short is a collection of deleted scenes from the series that shed more light into the mind of The Surgeon. Turns out Martin is a fan of journaling, clay model making, and TV time, with a little group therapy thrown in for good measure. Of course, no Martin Whitly day would be complete without a little attempted murder, and we get some of that too. Check out the full short below, and be sure to binge all of Prodigal Son season one on Hulu or FOX Now!


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