Michael Vlamis to Launch Digital Pop Up For New Merch on May 2!

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis


Attention Vlambase members!

Michael Vlamis, a star on The CW’s hit show Roswell, New Mexico, is giving fans a taste of a new line of merchandise!

If you missed Vlamis’ first round of merchandise, fear not because on May 2, Vlamis is launching a digital pop up of an entire new line of merch called “Bad At Relationships”. Vlamis has once again partnered with Blank Clo for the merchandise. (Blank Clo also has partnered with Carina MacKenzie for some insanely cute alien shirts that you can see here!)

Vlamis will also be going live on Instagram to hang with fans during the pop up. Stay tuned to Vlamis’ website for the new line and to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!



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