Sunday, March 7, 2021

Video Games ‘Bug Academy’ and ‘Demolish & Build’ Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered how many fireflies it takes to catch a ghost? The answer is here. The 2.5-dimensional game Bug Academy lets you go on unique adventures as a swarm of insects. Becoming different insects like flies, bees, fireflies, and mosquitoes players can go through the 33 levels with humorous bugs. Each species of insect comes with a unique ability that comes in handy when moving fridges and putting out fires.

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Bug Academy is available on January 14, on Stream and Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer for Bug Academy below!


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This next game allows players to do just as the title says, Demolish & Build. In this simulator, players can run a construction and demolition company by hiring staff, investing, and more. In various locations and terrain, there are over a dozen types of tools and vehicles to use, including backhoe, excavator, concrete mixer, and a crane with a demolition ball. This game is currently available for PC use since March 2018.

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Demolish & Build is available on January 15, on Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer for Demolish & Build below!

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