Watch a Teaser for Season 2 of ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Now!

Courtesy of Netflix.


No one is untouchable in the teaser trailer, aptly titled “Party’s Over”, for season 2 of Netflix’s hit crime drama, Narcos: Mexico.

Diego Luna will return in season 2 as cartel boss Félix Gallardo, and Scoot McNairy will star as DEA agent Walt Breslin in the wake of agent Kiki Camarena’s demise in season 1.

In the trailer, Gallardo is depicted at the head of a table, underneath which the guests are revealed to be holding guns. Clearly the drug lord will have to be looking over his shoulder for more than just the DEA this upcoming season.

This promo follows the very brief teaser clip that was released in December, featuring a shot of Gallardo with an ominous voice-over.

Narcos: Mexico is a companion series to the original Narcos on Netflix, which focused on drug lord Pablo Escobar and then later the Cali Cartel in Colombia. The follow up series follows the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in Mexico in the 1980s.

Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico is set to premiere on Netflix on February 13.


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