New ‘Mulan’ Live Action Pop! Figures Released for Pre-Order


Disney’s set to release the highly anticipated live-action version of the 1998 hit animated film Mulan on March 27, and Funko is celebrating by releasing two new Pop! figures to relive the magic.

The new designs include the Mulan Warrior as well as the Villager Pop! so no matter what you choose, you’ll be ready to defeat the Huns and restore order in your family in no time. These work as a great addition to the rest of the collection announced in November.

The Pop! Disney Mulan selection also includes premium Pop!s such as Mulan riding Khan, her beloved horse, and the 10-inch Pop! Mushu. The fun doesn’t stop there as there is also an entire assortment of standard figures in the lineup to choose from. Pre-orders for all of the figures, including the new additions, are available here. The figures will start shipping in January and February.


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