Jason Manns and Paul Carella Announce UK Tour for 2020

Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi.


Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Mandi.

After successful concerts and activities in Europe earlier this year, Scottish singer-songwriter Paul Carella and friend/business partner Jason Manns took their tour to the United States this past summer for the now-legendary “PBJ Tour” together with Briana Buckmaster, Hayden Lee, and Louden Swain’s Billy Moran.

Paul and Jason’s U.K. company Gallus Promotions has now announced that the two musicians will be returning to the United Kingdom in February 2020. So far, the only dates and cities announced are Salford on February 6 and London on February 15.

Stay tuned here for updates on the tour, including more dates, cities, and ticket sales!


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