Halsey Releases Introspective Track and Music Video ‘clementine’


Since the release of “Graveyard,” Halsey has continued being a bit of an enigma. While the lyrics are some of which anyone can personally relate to, it hasn’t been until the recent “clementine,” a track released today on her 25th birthday, that the walls have come down and given us a look at simply Ashley, the girl behind the stage name.

“Clementine” with a lowercase ‘c’ is an introspective, stripped-down track that works more like a puzzle, with its lyrics developing the clear narrative of how her brain works on a daily basis. It’s beautiful, intelligent, and soft all at once, with a music video that matches. The music video sees her brother, Sevian Frangipane, beside her as they interpretative dance through an aquarium.

Check out the new music video and song below!

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