Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ryan Reynolds Joins Netflix’s Star-Studded ‘Red Notice’

Image courtesy of @SevenBucksProd on Twitter.

According to Deadline, in a monumental move, Netflix has lassoed Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot alongside heavy-hitters Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson to star in the blockbuster hit Red Notice.

Produced by Beau Flynn under FlynnPictureCo., Red Notice is an action heist thriller set in multiple countries. Prestigious paintings seem to be on the agenda, as the ensemble try to pull off the mission of catching the most wanted art thief.

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Red Notice was a hot commodity last year: a bidding war yielded the rights to be eventually won by Universal Pictures, who planned to pay Johnson a $20 million salary. While Netflix was the runner-up, the switch in gears can be partly attributed to the $130 million-range production budget in addition to paying upfront salaries, which are in contrast to the breakeven gross.

With the steady move towards predominantly original content, Netflix believes Red Notice is set to be the next global franchise. Production starts in 2020.

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