Stands’ Rob Benedict Embracelet Charm Now Available!

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Praise be to Chuck!

Stands announced today that its Embracelet now has a new charm. The Rob Benedict charm, “The Winchester Gospels,” is a replica of a miniature book that tells the story of creation.

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Benedict took to Twitter to share his excitement about the Chuck Charm and to quote his favorite Supernatural character:

Stands has also released three other items! A “Funnier in Enochian” charm, a “Heaven’s Portal” charm, and a “What Would the Winchesters Do?” t-shirt are all available for purchase.

Benedict’s limited edition charm can be purchased on Stands’ website here, and the Embracelet itself is available year-round for $20.

A portion of proceeds from the sales of the Chuck Charm will benefit the National Stroke Association.

Stands’ popular Donor Matching Program is available for the Chuck Charm. Here are the links to donate/receive a gift:


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