‘Charmed’ Recap Season 1, Episode 15: “Switches and Stones”

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Despite Mel’s (Melonie Diaz) misgivings, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) goes to the elders to ask for help to get the demon out of her. An elder named Bari said she would help her.

Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Parker (Nick Hargrove) discovered a vortex temple underneath the sister’s house. While investigating, Harry (Rupert Evans) and Charity (Virginia Williams) tell them not to touch anything, but of course both Maggie and Macy already have felt the glowing runes. The effect of the runes amplifies the sister’s powers.

Mel and Jada (Aleyse Shannon) are in Ireland in search of a relic that can heal the keeper back to full health. Jada finally reveals to Mel information about the keeper, that she is immortal, and her name is Fiona. The same Fiona that is Charity’s sister, she was not killed as everyone thought (since she is immortal) she was instead sent to Tartarus. She promises to Jada that she will not tell her sisters if they will not get hurt.

Later that evening when Mel finally gets home she and Maggie fight. When they wake up the next morning, they discover that they have switched bodies.

They have to live the others life while trying to learn how to use the other powers to try to switch back.

Meanwhile, Macy has a nightmare where a guy gets turned into stone in a park.

She goes for a run to clear her head of the dream and sees the guy. She is convinced that she did it as elder Bari scans her to find out what effect the demon blood is having on her, and if she can cure it.

Harry tells Macy that more statues have appeared around town, so it was not her. They conclude that it is Medusa, a former witch. Charity tells Macy that they have to kill her. Macy is hesitant and is getting weird vibes from her.

The sisters go to the sorority toga party to find Medusa who is targeting people who have taken advantage and slut-shamed women. Macy sees that all the statues are looking away; she can feel that Medusa wants to be seen.

Macy approaches her not looking away and tells Medusa that she sees her and is sorry for what happened to her.

Back at the house Mel and Maggie talk and make up, understanding that they both need to live their lives and are able to switch back.

Macy meets with elder Bari alone who tells her that because of the vortex she now has the power of evil sight. Macy can see and feel through the demon’s point of view, so she can see who killed her mother. Bari pierces her forehead with her magic and Macy sees that Charity is the one who killed her mother.

When Macy says it out loud, Charity shows up and kills elder Bari.

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