‘Supernatural’ 300th Episode: Watch John & Mary’s Reunion

Supernatural is airing its 300th episode on Thursday, and in order to help celebrate the momentous occasion, EW has released an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pictured as John Winchester getting the first look at his wife, Mary Winchester (not pictured), played by Samantha Smith. Photo courtesy of the exclusive video by EW.

As you can see in the video, John Winchester is talking with Sam and Dean about how he died killing the man that murdered Mary. Sam starts to try to explain that their mom is actually alive, but before he can get the words out, Mary enters the kitchen. The reunited couple shares a hug and a kiss, and the clip ends when Sam and Dean decide to leave the kitchen to give them some space.

For more information on the upcoming 300th episode, “Lebanon,” check out the promo here and a released scene here.

“Lebanon” airs Thursday, February 7, at 8EST on The CW.


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