Louden Swain Releases Album Cover for ‘Splitting The Seams’

Big news! Louden Swain just released the album cover for their next highly-anticipated acoustic album, titled Splitting The Seams. The album is set to release October 26, with all brand new acoustic arrangements from some of their most popular songs, as well as a few new additions.


So far, we know that the following songs will be on their acoustic album:

  • Overachiver
  • CA Nation
  • Too Far Away (new song)
  • Rock Song
  • Silverspoon
  • All I Need
  • Big One
  • Mama’s Jam

This isn’t the complete list, but just a few ones that the band mentioned and played at Once Upon A Canyon Night. In our interview with the band last month, they also teased that another new song would make the cut, stating, “There will be one more original song on the album that we recorded and worked out in the studio which you may have all heard before.  We’ll give you a clue…it’s in a movie written by and starring Rob.”

If you’ve missed it, we’re also doing a whole series on the band leading up to the release of the new album.

We’re so excited for this album to release!


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