‘Hollow Knight’: The Longest Game I’ve Ever Played for Under 10 Dollars

Hollow Knight, independent game producer Team Cherry’s surreal 2d platformer based in the strange underground bug infested world of Hallownest, originally launched for PC in February of 2017. This year, it found new life on the Nintendo Switch as it was dropped in June during the E3 gaming press conference and trade show. The game quickly climbed to number one on the hybrid consoles eShop, and has remained in the top three consecutively, still at number 3 three months later.

As for myself, I did not pick up a digital copy of this game until it went on sale about two weeks ago, dropping from its standard 14.99 to $9.09. A steal, especially considering that Godmaster, the third and final free DLC update to the game had just released. I figured it would be worth the nine dollars, even if I didn’t like it. Spoiler alert: I didn’t like it. I loved it.

The game itself is deliciously innovative, a creative take on most side scrolling platformers in that instead of levels, Hallownest is an open exploration world consisting of fourteen different areas that gradually open up as the player progresses in the game. Certain areas require item based abilities found in the game to access, thus adding an extra level of accomplishment to accessing new maps and locations.

The game is also riddled with lore, which players can piece together from conversations, notebooks, and cut scenes peppered throughout the game. Depending on the level of completion the player has at the end of the game, one of three endings will play, offering a decent amount of both replayability and motivation to fully complete the game.

Most reviews of the game put it at about 20 hours of gameplay, but if you are as notoriously horrible at quick reflex boss fights as I am, it may take you upwards of 50. (With 72% completion, I’m clocked in at 63 hours.) According to the quests, full completion is actually over 100%, though I suspect that extra percentage has something to do with the three DLC updates.

With fantastic controls, design, and story, in addition to an engaging world that drives a desire to explore, I would definitely recommend anyone to play this game. Whether you are looking for a new indie game to dig your teeth into, or simply want a good, solid platformer title for your Nintendo Switch, computer, or later this year, your PS4/Xbox, Hollow Knight truly is worth the time and money. Even $14.99 is a steal for this amazing game.

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