Freeform Releases New Trailer for ‘Siren’


Freeform has released the latest trailer for its new series Siren, which makes it’s debut on March 29th.  The show takes the mermaid tale (pardon the pun) to a new level, when a strange girl named Ryn (Eline Powell) shows up in Bristol Cove and starts wreaking havoc.

The townspeople are no strangers to mermaid lore; the town’s history is full of it. So who better to figure out what is going on with Ryn than local biologists Ben (Alex Roe) and Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola.)

What would cause a mermaid to go off the deep end? That’s the mystery that Ben and Maddie must solve.

Sirens also stars Ian Verdun as Xander and Rena Owen as Helen. Supernatural fans will be excited to see Chad Rook (who just appeared on SPN as Zachariah) appearing as Chris Mueller.

Check out the trailer below and tune in on March 29th at 8/7 Central.



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