Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Rob Benedict – See Our Top Rob Moments!

We’re celebrating Rob Benedict’s birthday today by listing our favorite Rob moments (on-screen!). Rob Benedict is known for his roles in Supernatural and Kings of Con, as well as his music with Louden Swain and The Station Breaks.

Of course, there are many more Rob moments we love, but we thought we’d throw together this fun list to celebrate! List your favorite Rob moments in the comments!

Rob Performing “Fare Thee Well” in “Supernatural”

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One of our favorite moments from all of us at this site is when Rob sings “Fare The Well” in Supernatural. This was such a pivotal moment in the show and showcased Rob’s talent.

(video is not ours; Supernatural is courtesy of The WB/CW)

Rob as Chuck in Supernatural – Hoarding Toilet Paper

Another favorite moment is in Season 5 episode 4 of Supernatural titled “The End” where Chuck talks about hoarding toilet paper. It’s fun, and one of our favorite Rob moments as Chuck.

(video is not ours; Supernatural is courtesy of The WB/CW)

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Let’s Be Real – All of “Kings of Con”

Let’s be real here. Kings of Con is gold and one of our favorite shows. Do you really think we could pick our favorite Rob parts? So, we’re taking the easy way out and picking ALL of Kings of Con. KoC is available to stream on Comic-Con HQ, Amazon, and ITunes. Also, send a little love to Netflix on Twitter and tell them you want to see them pick up KoC for Season 2!

You can watch the first episode of Kings of Con below!

“Kings of Conversation”

With Kings of Con, Rob hosted a weekly live show called “Kings of Conversation” where he interviewed guests, played games, and it was great to see. You can see an episode of “Kings of Conversation” below:

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