Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Discuss “Nerve” at Comic-Con


Yesterday Emma Roberts and Dave Franco went live at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con to promote their new movie NerveNerve is about Vee (Roberts), a high school senior who is pressured by her friends into downloading Nerve – a popular gaming app that dares its users to complete tasks. After agreeing to complete just one dare, Vee soon meets Ian (Franco) and they soon find themselves swept up in the thrill of the competition as they partner up and continue to complete more dares. While the dares start out as harmless fun, they quickly grow to dangerous levels until their futures depend on the outcome of the game.

The duo talked about what it was like to shoot Nerve and how they filmed a lot of the dares – such as riding a motorcycle and running around in their underwear – without the use of stunt doubles and green screens. They go on to discuss the most insane dares Emma had to do, including a ladder stunt where she had to wear a harness and walk across a ladder several stories high from one building to another in New York. Emma and Dave also answers questions about what they want people to learn from this movie and if they would ever play Nerve in real life.

You can watch the full interview now on Comic-Con HQ.

Nerve will be released in theaters on July 27. You can check out the official trailer today.

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