Misha Collins Adds to GISHWHES: The GISHBUS Has Launched!

This Sunday was the launch/world premiere of Misha Collins’ GISHBUS, a “mobile executive luxury VIP experience and lounge” for GISHWHESThere are two ways to get on the bus: Have enough GISHPOINTS from previous years or by bringing items to donate for the charity chosen for your location.

On June 19th, the bus was in Burbank, CA collecting for Cats Meow Animal Rescue. On June 26th, it was in LA collecting for Downtown Women’s Center an homeless prevention service provider.

The best way to find out where the Bus will be next is to follow it at @gishbus! This is just another way Misha has been promoting GISHWHES and bringing kindness to individuals across the nation. Come out and meet fellow GISHWHESERS and have a blast!

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